ULID Generator

What is this?

This page generates ULIDs for you to use in debugging, development, or anywhere else you may need a unique ID.

What is a ULID?

A ULID is a URL-friendly, secure, lexicographically sortable unique ID generator.

ULIDs are canonically 26 character strings, but are 128-bit compatible with UUIDs.

Why use ULIDs?

ULIDs main selling point are that they are more efficient at encoding 128 bits of entropy than UUID v4s.

However, ULIDs are also lexicographically sortable, making them useful for time-based sorting. For example, you could use a ULID as a database primary key and sort by it to get the most recently created records.

Are there any concerns with ULIDs?

As with all lexicographically sortable IDs, having a known structure can be a security concern as attackers may be able to guess the next ID that will be generated.

As with all entropy-based IDs, if your random number generator is not cryptographically secure, your IDs may be predictable.